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Unresponsive breathing adult

Unresponsiveness can last for a few seconds (e.g. fainting) or for a long time. It’s often brought on by serious illness or injury (e.g. a head injury), or by taking alcohol or other drugs. Find out what to do if an adult is unresponsive and breathing. What to look for – Unresponsive and breathing adult […]

First Aid Training April 29-30

Kokamo Group will be offering both a Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid courses on April 29 to 30, 2017 To register, please call (587)333-6869 or email Emergency First Aid – CPR A & AED • ONE DAY $110 In this one-day course, students will learn to recognize and provide interventions for life-threatening […]

Heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is caused by a loss of salt and water from the body, usually through excessive sweating. It develops slowly and usually happens to people who aren’t used to hot, humid weather. People who are unwell are more likely to get it, especially if they are suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. A dangerous and […]


Heatstroke is caused by a failure of the thermostat in the brain which regulates the body temperature. If someone has a high fever or has been exposed to heat for a long time, then their body can become dangerously overheated. Someone can also get heatstroke after using drugs such as ecstasy. Sometimes, people get heatstroke […]

Standard First Aid Re-Cert April 20

Standard First Aid – CPR Re-certification • ONE DAY This 1-day re-certification is a challenge of the Standard First Aid course content and requires the student to demonstrate essential skills as well as pass the theoretical exam. This challenge is open to those who have a current Standard First Aid certificate from an Alberta OH&S […]

Head injuries

All head injuries are potentially serious because they can damage the brain and make someone lose responsiveness. The severity of a head injury depends on how someone hit their head and how hard the impact was. A head injury may cause damage to the brain tissue or to blood vessels inside the skull, or even […]

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