Equipment Rentals

We understand that first aid training supplies and equipment can be quite the investment for instructors.  We make it easy and cost effective for instructors to access our inventory of rental equipment for your teaching needs.

The table below shows the items available for rental.  All rentals include cleaning in rental rates.  We do this for ease of rentals and to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness to all of our customers.

Please email for dates of availability.

Item Description Price for 3 days
Adult Actar Defib 10 pack (limit 2)  $                                           32.00
Adult Actar 911 10 Pack (limit 4)  $                                           22.00
Infant Actar 911 10 Pack (limit 2)  $                                           22.00
Preston CPR Mannikin (limit 1)  $                                             6.00
AED Trainer Unit (limit 14)  $                                           10.00
Baby Sitter Kit 10 Dolls with clothing  $                                           30.00
Metal Scoop Stretcher (limit 1)  $                                           10.00
CombiBoard Stretcher (limit 1)  $                                           10.00
C-Spine Straps  $                                             5.00
C-Spine Collar  $                                             2.00
Compact Field Stretcher (limit 2)  $                                             3.00
BP Cuffs (limit 3)  $                                             5.00
Bag Valve Mask Set A, C, I (limit 4)  $                                             5.00
Pocket Face Mask (limit 10)  $                                             2.00
Oxygen Tank – Full (limit 6)  $                                           60.00
Digital Projector, speakers & screen  $                                           25.00
First Aid Training Kit includes Medical devices, dressing & bandages, blankets and splints for up to 10 participants  $                                           30.00
Blankets (limit 30)  $                                             1.00
Medical Devices Package includes Epipen, Twinject, Allerject, Aerochamber and Inhaler  $                                             5.00
Dressing & Bandage package includes square gauze dressings, roller dressings, abdominal pads and trianglar bandages for up to 10 participants  $                                           10.00
Splinting Package includes speed splints, SAM splints and wooden splints for up to 10 participants  $                                           10.00

Rental Process Information

All individuals or companies wishing to rent equipment will be required to complete our rental agreement and credit card authorization forms  available below.  Upon receipt of application and authorization form, your application will be reviewed and your equipment reservation will be entered into system.  Information on application form is used for the purposes of setting up an account with Kokamo Group.  Credit card authorization form is used in case of loss of rentals, damages to rental equipment or failure to return either whole or in part of rental equipment.  Replacement values will be stated on rental receipt in the event of loss or failure to return equipment.  Damages will be determined on a case by case basis and repair fees will be charged back to individual or company that was responsible for rental.

Rental Contract

Credit Card Authorization Form

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