Philips Heart Start

Phillips HeartStart OnSite AED’s voice prompts guide you through a simple step-by-step process and intelligent sensors automatically deliver the right therapy to patients of all ages. SMART Analysis assesses the victim’s heart rhythm and is designed to only deliver therapy if needed. Phillips AEDs automatically adjust to a lower energy level for infants and children when the infant/child SMART pads cartridge is installed. SMART Biphasic high current with low energy maximizes shock effectiveness and will only deliver therapy if the rhythm is determined to be shockable – even if the Shock button is pressed. Artifact detection allows accurate ECG analysis even in the presence of most pacemaker artifact.

Zoll AED Plus

When the Fully Automatic AED Plus® detects a shockable heart rhythm, it delivers the shock on its own. Once the Fully Automatic AED Plus prompts “Don’t Touch Patient,” and the heart analysis begins, if a shock is needed, it will be delivered automatically after a brief verbal countdown.

Like all ZOLL AEDs, the Fully Automatic AED Plus features Real CPR Help®. This technology gives real-time feedback for both depth and rate of chest compressions, helping provide the best CPR possible in a rescue. Audio and visual prompts guide you to rescue with a confidence and clarity.

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